• Y.-C. Eric Li, Ph.D., PE.

China and Low Cost Country Sourcing

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I have been an advocate for China and Low-Cost Country Sourcing in the past two decades. People come to me when they have a need to source from China or Asian suppliers. With opportunities presented to me, I build a very strong network and connections with key suppliers in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

Does China / LCCS really provide value to operations without a detailed assessment? It does not. China / LCC sourcing should be the result of change management or a continuous improvement initiative. After spending time and effort to understand and study the opportunity of making improvement and enhancement for operations, due diligence of the capability and quality from China and other LCC suppliers becomes one of the possible alternate results of generating value and benefit to support operations, of course, under the same level and standard of quality and services support. China / LCCS sourcing is not only a strategic sourcing initiative but also a key initiative with strong quality assurance, field services inspection and service and support in order to get the most value of the China / LCC sourcing benefits. An experienced expert with a strong background provides benefits and value. If you do not understand the risk and opportunity, ask for expert support.

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